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Event: Human Trafficking: Modern-Day Slavery

Be sure to mark this on your calendars if you’re in the Fairfield, OH, Butler County, or northern Cincinnati, area.

July 8th, 2012 – 7pm-8pm

@ The Rock Community Center
1036 Hicks Blvd, Fairfield, OH 45014

Human Trafficking: Modern-Day Slavery

Slavery has been abolished throughout the world, but it still exists today and is stronger than ever. Come hear Fairfield Community Officer Valentini speak on Human Trafficking.

Please RSVP so we have an approximate headcount and know which space to use. The Facebook event is found here. (

Anyone is welcome to attend!

For more information:

(P.S. Thank you, Matt Hoffman, for some amazing marketing fliers! You rock!)


SarkissianMason Donating $100k to Combat Human Trafficking

NEW YORK, Dec. 15, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Digital innovation agency SarkissianMason announced today that it would engineer a mobile solution for an anti-human trafficking organization in need of a technological innovation in its first Technology for Change Grant. The agency will be donating up to $100,000 of time and resources to work hand-in-hand with a not-for-profit partner working in the field of anti-human trafficking.

CEO Patrick Sarkissian explained the agency’s idea, “We must help. NGOs can give us their knowledge and insights, then we can apply our method of innovation and help make a difference with an issue that preys upon people throughout the world, including an alarming amount in the US.”

Starting December 5th, the agency will begin accepting applications from registered US-based 501(c)(3) organizations. The organization should be involved in providing direct services, reporting, education and/or advocacy around anti-human trafficking and have a vision for utilizing technology to increase their reach and impact.

SarkissianMason will work closely with the nonprofit partner to concept and build a mobile technology solution and adoption strategy. Specific examples of deliverables could include: SMS-based awareness campaigns and fundraising, customized mobile application development for locally relevant content and services, or mobile-based data collection services for reporting and tracking.

Innovation is nothing new to SarkissianMason, which has traditionally invested 25% of company time in developing its own intellectual property. “We are really excited to showcase a technology innovation in the social change space, and to ultimately add the creation into our intellectual property portfolio,” Sarkissian adds, “social innovation isn’t just about creating positive social impact, but it’s also about integrating technology solutions into services and connecting a number of stakeholders around social problems.”

To find out more, or to apply for the SarkissianMason Technology for Change Grant, please visit

The deadline for 2012 grant applications is Tuesday, January 31st, 2012.

About SarkissianMason: SarkissianMason is a New York is a leading digital strategy and innovation agency in New York City that specializes in the creation and development of breakthrough digital solutions for its for-profit and not-for-profit clients. The agency has a history of involvement in the world of social change with cutting edge awareness campaigns in the areas of housing, sex trafficking, and the Armenian Genocide. SM celebrates a spirit of innovation, with 25% of company time invested in developing its own intellectual property.

SOURCE  SarkissianMason

Leading U.S. Abolitionist Groups Enter Joint Initiative to Eradicate Modern-day Slavery – PR Newswire

WASHINGTON, Dec. 14, 2011

Grant provided by will mobilize millions of Americans

WASHINGTON, Dec. 14, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — International Justice Mission (IJM), Polaris Project and Slavery Footprint announced today that they will be implementing a multi-impact unified initiative to mobilize millions of Americans to fight modern-day slavery around the world. will be funding the creation of this $1.8 million unified initiative in the United States, as one of three multi-year global collaborative partnerships it will fund to implement aggressive, metrics-oriented programs to fight modern-day slavery in the United States and overseas.

“It’s hard for most Americans to believe that slavery and human trafficking are still massive problems in our world,” said Gary A. Haugen, president and CEO of International Justice Mission. “But it’s not hard to believe for the more than 27 million men, women and children held in slavery today.  This oppression is now against the law, but millions don’t get the benefit of law enforcement.  To accelerate America’s leadership in helping rescue and protect those most vulnerable at home and overseas, Google’s support now makes it possible for IJM to join forces with two other leading organizations so we can bring to bear our unique strengths in a united front.”

Team leaders are meeting today in Washington to kick off this partnership and begin planning for programs which will begin in 2012. By combining each leading organization’s complementary experience and capabilities, this collaborative partnership aims to mobilize Americans in the fight against slavery and human trafficking in their communities and secure active participation from U.S. policymakers to support effective anti-slavery policies.

“With this grant, Google is helping us combine forces to not only increase the number of Americans who will learn about human trafficking, but also motivate people to take real steps to eradicate modern-day slavery from all of our communities,” said Bradley Myles, executive director and CEO of Polaris Project. “Whether it’s by calling the national human trafficking hotline, sending a letter to their Senator, or using online advocacy tools, millions of Americans will be able to use their voices to ensure that ending this problem becomes a top priority.”

“Having a company like Google recognize the value of our work marks a major turning point for the anti-slavery movement. To date, the movement has relied heavily on anecdote and emotion. Google’s support allows us greater empiricism, making us all the more successful. We are proud that Google shares our vision that technology and data can be uniquely effective in creating a tipping point in the movement,” said Justin Dillon, founder and CEO of Slavery Footprint, a non-profit organization that provides consumers the tools to enter into productive engagement with corporations related to slavery within supply chains.

This U.S. joint initiative is one of three multi-year collaborative partnerships funded in total of $9.8 million, part of $11.5 million in total funding committed by to anti-slavery organizations. Two other coalitions of seven (7) international NGOs led by the International Justice Mission will implement aggressive, results-oriented projects to fight modern-day slavery in India to free thousands of slaves and protect millions of vulnerable individuals.

Each of the three multi-year joint initiatives funded by Google will drive measurable outcomes, such as rescuing thousands enslaved, improving infrastructure and resources of law enforcement overseas, improving legislation and enforcement of anti-slavery laws overseas, deterring perpetrators, mobilizing vulnerable populations, equipping freed slaves to maintain livelihoods, amplifying America’s voice and securing active participation by policymakers to promote anti-slavery policies.

To report a tip in the United States or connect with U.S. anti-trafficking services, community members can call The National Human Trafficking Resource Center at: 1-888-373-7888.

About International Justice Mission International Justice Mission (IJM) is a global human rights organization that brings immediate relief to victims of violence, sexual exploitation, slavery and oppression. Since 2005, IJM has assisted more than 9,000 individuals, many of whom were victims of forced labor slavery or sex trafficking. A multi-national team of lawyers and law enforcement professionals conduct criminal investigations and collect evidence to relieve victims and bring perpetrators to justice, and IJM social workers secure appropriate aftercare for victims of abuse. IJM’s multi-national staff work in 13 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America to ensure that the global poor are protected from violent forms of oppression by their countries’ own laws. To learn more about IJM, visit

About Polaris Project Polaris Project is one of the leading organizations in the global fight against human trafficking and modern-day slavery.  Named after the North Star “Polaris” that guided slaves to freedom along the Underground Railroad, Polaris Project is transforming the way that individuals and communities respond to human trafficking, in the U.S. and globally. By successfully pushing for stronger federal and state laws, operating the National Human Trafficking Resource Center hotline (1-888-373-7888), conducting trainings, and providing vital services to victims of trafficking, Polaris Project creates long-term solutions that move our society closer to a world without slavery.  Learn more at

About Slavery Footprint Slavery Footprint is a non-profit organization dedicated to ending forced labor, human trafficking, and modern day slavery through increased public awareness, action, and advocacy. At it’s core, allows the consumer to visualize how their consumption habits are connected to modern-day slavery and provides them with an opportunity to have a deeper conversation with the companies that manufacture the goods they purchase. In addition to its digital activism tools, the Slavery Footprint team works with individuals, groups, and businesses to build awareness for and create deployable action against forced labor, human trafficking, and modern day slavery.

CONTACTS: International Justice Mission Theresa Shin, 703-740-2968

Polaris Project Megan Fowler, 202-540-5231

Slavery Footprint Elisabeth Copper, 510-417-3383

SOURCE  International Justice Mission

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine – Report on the Prevalence of Human Trafficking in Ohio

Download a copy or view online the Report on the Prevalence of Human Trafficking in Ohio by the Ohio Attorney General, Mike DeWine.

Quote – W.E.B. DuBois

“[T]here is but one coward on earth, and that is the coward that dare not know.”

W.E.B. DuBois

Urbana Woman Plans Trip to Help Children Caught in Human-Trafficking Trade

10-14-11 – URBANA — The issue of abused children has always been close to Urbana resident Debra Crabtree’s heart, so she’s heading to Ghana in November to help children caught in the human-trafficking trade.

She’s going with two friends she met through an online book club. There, they will assist a team from Partners in Community Development Programme, which rescues children from slavery, one by one. The organization runs Village of Life, where the freed children live after being rescued.

Crabtree became involved when her book club friends — one in Canada and the other in Michigan — started writing online about their upcoming trip to the west African nation and Lake Volta, the largest manmade lake in the world, and the Ghana site where children are sold into slavery.

“I fell in love with the faces I saw and (felt) heartbroken over the stories I read,” Crabtree said. “I pored over the articles and harsh truths of trafficking in the Volta region of Ghana.”

She said she felt called to the trip when she was looking to serve in a meaningful way, “something that was bigger than me and something that was bigger than being a mom or a wife.”

She wanted to learn, grow and “develop an empathy for others that would be an example to my children.”

Crabtree has worked with children in other countries before. After she and her husband were married in 2004, they served two months in Comitan, Chiapas, Mexico, building water tanks and teaching vacation Bible school.

“It was also the first time that I realized the difference between our poverty and the poverty in less developed countries,” Crabtree said. “It was eye-opening, and changed how I viewed poverty. It changed how I viewed people. I have had a passion since then to help the vulnerable in our world when I could.”

As a part of her efforts, Crabtree is raising money through an organization called Interlink Ministries. Her group hopes to raise $30,000 for a new school for the Village of Life.

“They have run out of room in their current school facilities and need a new school building to allow them to rescue more children from slavery on the lake,” Crabtree said.

She’s also looking for sponsors to help pay for shipping boxes of school supplies and books to Ghana, estimated at $200 each. She now has five boxes to send.

She’s also asking for donations of soccer balls.

“They can be given to both the children in the orphanage and to the kids on the lake,” Crabtree said. “These children live and breathe soccer.”

Crabtree said she believes the Bible instructs people to care for orphans and the innocent.

“My heart breaks to know there are children out there who are not afforded the opportunity to have a childhood and an education,” she said. “The kids on Lake Volta and at the Village of Life have become our children in so many ways and I just can’t not do anything to help them. … If I can help a team get even one child out of that situation, I feel like I need to seize that opportunity. I would hope someone would do that for my children if they knew their rights were being violated.”

Video – Human Trafficking Collaborative of Lorain County

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